Thanksgiving Interactive: You are the Historian

Take a trip through time as a history detective with our newly-updated, interactive game, You Are the Historian: Investigating the First Thanksgiving!

Plimoth Patuxet Museums has reimagined and redesigned You Are the Historian: Investigating the First Thanksgiving, its popular interactive game that has entertained school-aged children and families since 2002! In conjunction with FableVision Studios, a multimedia production company, and an Indigenous Advisory Committee, Plimoth Patuxet Museums has created a new online game that explores Wampanoag life prior to European settlement and the year leading up to the 1621 harvest feast, today known as the “First Thanksgiving." The game investigates the interactions between the Wampanoag people of Patuxet and the earliest colonists known as the Pilgrims by exposing players to archaeological artifacts from the museum’s collections, primary source documents, and oral stories told from generation to generation.

You Are The Historian directly responds to the increased demand for nuanced and fact-based history told from both an Indigenous and Colonial perspective. The Museum has created an experience that will transport visitors to Patuxet, the pre-European homeland of the Wampanoag, and immerse them in a story of cultural change and persistence that spans 12,000 years. Students will be able to further explore the rich historical context of the Indigenous and Colonial experiences during their earliest encounters through magical time travel, an anonymous tipster, mysterious riddles, historic artifacts and archives, and plain, old-fashioned smart thinking!


NOTE FOR TEACHERS: Click here for the original 2002 version of You are the Historian. Please email with any questions.   



(Images L - R: English children play "King Pin," a traditional bowling game; Wampanoag girls get water at one of the freshwater springs that give Patuxet its name.)

What You'll Need

  • Google Chrome 
  • Internet Explorer 8 or better
  • Firefox 3 or better
  • Speakers or headphones - make sure your volume is turned up
  • For best viewing, set your screen resolution to 1024x768
  • The game is not mobile-enabled. For the best experience, please use a laptop, desktop, or tablet. 

Teacher & Educator Resources

Plimoth's online teacher end educator resources can help you plan a lesson or classroom unit and prepare your students for a virtual or in-person field trip, or a school or outreach program. We also provide resources for students, including student-friendly research materials and virtual exhibits featuring objects from our Museum's collections. Click here to access the Teacher Guide for the original 2002 You are the Historian interactive

Click here to explore additional educational resources and curated collections for historians of all ages available through our Museum Shops. 

You are the Historian: Investigating the First Thanksgiving is a production of Plimoth Patuxet Museums, Inc. Copyright 2020.