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Our Collection’s Room and Artifact’s

January 4th, 2010 by Tim

Hey Everyone,

In this blog,  I wanted to show you our collection’s room.  I will also show you some more picture’s of  bowl’s and spoon’s that I did not put in my last blog.  I would also would like to show you our Collection Manager.   I hope you will enjoy this blog.

Kerri blog photo

Here’s our Collection’s Manager Kerri Helme,  she is Mashpee Wampanoag.   Kerri  has worked at Plimoth Plantation’s Wampanoag Homesite for more than 4 year’s now and has  been our collection’s Manager for more than a year .  In this picture she is working on a clay pot.   She is a great potter and has quickly becoming very well known for her pottery and her Pottery is very desirable.

collection room

Here’s a picture of the collection’s room, you can see most of our artifact’s are stored in the row’s of white bin’s you can see on the right side of this picture.  In the back of the room you can see a cedar wood door behind the door we have some of our feather work,  like hair piece’s.   We keep them in  here because the cedar will keep out bug’s that like to eat feathers this is very important.

collections room

Here is the left side of the room,  you can see bullrush mat’s just washed and rolled up and stored in those very deep shelves.   You can also see the bows hanging from the roof of the room.  Lets have some fun now.  What do you also see in this picture and were  is it in this picture?  send me a comment at the end of this blog and tell me what you see.

wooden bowl

Here’s another wooden bowl.  This one is made out of  basswood this bowl is more than 15 years old.  Hey do you see the Effigy (Figure or image) on the end of the bowl?  What is it?   Take a guess at the end of the blog leave me a comment, lets see if your right.

wooden bowl

Here’s the other end of the same bowl made out of basswood.  This end  has an effigy of a face carved into it .

wooden bowl

This bowl is made out of maple burl and has an effigy of a fox face on it.  This bowl has something done to it,  can you guess what  that is?   please leave a comment at the end of the blog with your guess.

wooden spoon

This wooden spoon has an effigy of a fish on the handle.  I think this spoon is made out of oak wood.


These spoon’s are not wood.  These’s spoon’s are made out of  brass and copper.   One of these spoon’s has a whale’s tale as an effigy.

Well everyone I hope you can see what I am trying to do,  get you all to comment on the blog .  I really do like writing the blog’s but I also like answering your comment’s so please take some time and leave me a comment.

Thank You!


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22 Responses to “Our Collection’s Room and Artifact’s”

  1. dan says:

    oh my god…drool, drool, drool. well lets see, there’s some nice brass kettles there and a mortar and pestle behind them. can’t tell if the pestle is wooden or stone. the first effigy looks like a person holding on the side for dear life:-) not sure what is done to the fox face bowl. though the bowl i’m working on has the same shape.

  2. Golf Cart Steve says:

    are the metal kettles ever used in the homesite?
    Has the inside of the fox bowl been coated black?

  3. Tim says:

    Hey Dan,

    Yes there are all those artifacts that you guessed nice job seeing the stone pestle. The first effigy is not a person nice guess low.

  4. Tim says:

    Hey Steve,

    How are you? Yes we do use those brass kettles we cook in them when we have lots of crabs or lobsters like on strawberry Thanksgiving. Sometime we make glue in them. There dose look like theirs a black coating but nope thats not what i see. Keep guessing low!

  5. dan says:

    if that’s not a person, i’ve got no clue. i see a head, an arm, a leg and body.

  6. dan says:

    stone mortar behind wooden, bows, garden hoes (steel and moose shoulder blade)caly pots, clothing, fishing net, otter burl bowl, canoe paddles, and a willow basket. how’d i do?

  7. Tim says:

    Yep their are legs but I dont think thoses are arms low and a body but this is not a human. keep guessing ok!

  8. Tim says:


    Man you nailed that picture nice job seeing the moose shoulder blade. you got most every thing in the picture nice job.

  9. dan says:

    if it’s not a human, is it a manito? i don’t know, i give up:-)

  10. Tim says:


    Sorry not a manito, think lives in fresh water “Berribit” thats a clue!

  11. Joanna says:

    it’s a frog!

  12. dan says:

    still have no clue. give me another hint.

  13. Tim says:


    You got its a frog. Nice job thanks for your guess. I love this bowl. I eat out it in the homesite every time its empty.

  14. Tim says:


    Joanna got it a frog! thanks for all your guess.

  15. dan says:

    ok tim, do another blog. i’m up for another game. maybe do a 17th century scene and have things in there that don’t belong. but don’t make it obvious.

  16. Joanna says:

    All of the pieces are beautifully crafted. I like the bowl with the effigy of a face.

  17. Tim says:


    I will do another blog soon that will get you involed ok dan.

  18. Tim says:


    Ya thats the same one that had the frog on it to. Thanks for your comments keep commenting ok!

  19. dan says:

    cool. i’d like to see what you have in mind tim!

  20. donna nelson says:

    Hi, Tim,

    Is the fox bowl repaired somehow? I’m looking at the broad,lighter colored, scratch light mark across the front of the bowl under the face of the fox? Did the bowl crack and somehow that mark is the repair?

    Hope to see all soon!

  21. donna nelson says:

    Hi to Kerri and to all!

    I love Kerri’s work. Does she sell pottery?

  22. Zana Lovorn says:

    very interesting, learn a lot!. … take a look on our web page lather. we have some good stuf too.

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