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This is our blog from the Wampanoag Homesite at Plimoth Plantation.  Plimoth Plantation is a museum in Plymouth Massachusetts that is a bi-cultural museum dealing with the truthful stories of the Wampanoag Nation and the 1620 English Colonist.  The blog is going to bring you in to what we do  every day in the Wampanoag Homesite.  It will also give some of our visitor’s to the museum the chance to see what happen after your visit to Plimoth Plantation.   Did they ever finish that boat?  Hows the tobacco look now?  Did the garden do well this summer?  How  dose the new house look now?  We will blog about all these things and more.  We  now have  three staff  members that will blog  on   As the wetu turns,  Timothy Turner (Cherokee Nation) , Kerri Helme (Wampanoag Nation) and Phillip Wynne (Wampanoag Nation)  I hope you will read our blogs, and enjoy them but also I hope you will also comment on them.  This is how we can make this fun and educational for everyone .

Thank you.

Timothy Turner

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