June, 2009

Thank You W. Alton Jones Volunteer’s group For your help!

June 30th, 2009 by Tim

Hey everyone,

Here’s a picture of a group of kids that helped us this week at Plimoth Plantation Wampanoag Homesite volunteering their time to help us and their group leaders too, thank you guys for all of your help.


Here are their name’s of the  volunteers in the picture  Hannah Colonnese, Sean Kennedy, Todd Kennedy, Cheyenne Long, Chase Lurgio, Katie McCarthy, Elizabeth Tonkin and the leaders of the group are Anna Partanen and Craig Stevenson Thank you very much.


Corn Baby’s looking good!

June 29th, 2009 by Tim

Hello Reader,

It has been a few week’s so I wanted to show you how great the corn is doing even with out the sun.  I am so proud of our lady’s here in the Wampanoag homesite  at Plimoth Plantation with everything they have been thought this year rain, no sun birds stealing seeds we still have a great garden I am so proud they could of gave up but they did not thanks Lady’s your the best.  Here are some pictures of them today.

corn in mounds


A Pilgrim Wedding With Native Guest’s

June 28th, 2009 by Tim

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to say to all of you who were not able to come to yesterdays Pilgrim Wedding at Plimoth Plantation’s 1627 English Village it was very cool and we had fun with it.  They reacted a 17th century Pilgrim Wedding and me and keeri invited  but not as kerri and Tim but our 17th centay Wampanoag charactours we play when we are in the village.  We spoke broken English and some Wampanoag too.  I do think things got started early low so I did not see the entire ceremony but what I did see was cool.  It look like there were lots of visitor’s around enjoying them self too. Here are some pictures of the celebration afterwards Enjoy.

 Pilgrim wedding

pilgrim wedding

Pictures of Strawberry Thanksgiving 2009

June 25th, 2009 by Tim

Hey everyone,

Here are some pictures from last Saturdays Strawberry Thanksgiving hope you all like them we had a great strawberry nice weather and great guests.  It Was so nice to have a lot of the Native community there too.



Hello everyone!

June 23rd, 2009 by Tim

Hello readers!

This is a picture of me, Kerri Helme , Working on a Clay pot in the craft center.  I Make lots of Originals and  Replicas of southern New England style Clay pots on Saturdays there.  I also am a Interpretor on the Homesite and Collections Manager for the Wampanoag Program here. I am really excited to start blogging Regularly and keeping you all updated on what me and the other women down on the Homesite are working on, and also interesting things going on in our world.  I Hope to get lots of Questions or responses to things I post and also feel free to request that I get info on certain things as well.  Talk to you soon :)

My Tobacco Baby’s Grounded

June 22nd, 2009 by Tim

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to give you a update on our tobacco.  On last Tuesday (6/16/09  me, Phillip and bob stayed after work and put all the  tobacco baby’s in the ground.  The tobacco we plant is very old, all tobacco originally came from North America and was brought to Europe as a novelty.  There is six different varieties of tobacco.  The tobacco we grow today in Virginia that go’s in cigarettes today is called tabackem.  The tobacco we grow in the home site is called rustica.  They looked very happy after we water them and gave them some squanto’s secrete (liquid fish fertilizer) they love that stuff.  It took us two hours to get them all in the ground.   We give the tobacco to Native guests that visit the museum I will post some pictures now of it.


Strawberry Thanksgiving 2009 Pictures

June 21st, 2009 by Tim

Here are picture’s of the boat race’s hope you like them.


Boat Race


Girls' race winners

More Picture’s of Strawberry Thanksgiving

June 21st, 2009 by Tim

Here are more picture’s of Strawberry thanksgiving 2009.

Tim (me)

Tim (me)



Picture’s of Strawberry Thanksgiving 2009

June 21st, 2009 by Tim

Hey Everyone,

For the next few blogs I will post’s  picture’s of Plimoth Plantation’s  Strawberry Thanksgiving  at the Wampanoag Homesite this year 2009.  I will do so in picture’s I hope you like them.





Help Us Name The Turtle’s And Win Ticket’s To Plimoth Plantation!

June 15th, 2009 by Tim

Hello Readers,

The Wampanoag Indigenous Program would like to give name’s to the two turtle that have laid there egg’s in our garden this year.  We would like your help with this and it could win you two Commentary passes to Plimoth Plantation and Mayflower ll, if we select your names for the turtle’s.  We will run this contest from today till Monday July 20th 2009 at 5:00 pm.  The winning name’s will be selected by the Wampanoag staff  here at Plimoth plantation and the winner will be announced on the blog on my birthday Wednesday July 22nd 2009.  I am going to ask you when you think of a name for both turtles to post a comment to this blog,  you will need to put your e mail address to post a comment and this is how I will let you know if we selected your name’s.  I will send you an e mail too.  Please put in your comment turtle # 1 name  and then turtle #2′s name.  I will post pictures of the turtles below so you can see them.  Please have fun with this and be creative with your name’s.  The Turtle on top is Turtle #1 and the turtle on bottom is turtle # 2.  Thanks for the help.



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