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I’m a day late and a dollar short in finally getting around to thank the Q Team of Spring Clean Day. Spring Clean Day was March 14th, so this really is belated thanks. The Q Team were those who were working in the English Village Gardens. I had hopes of thanking them all by name, but as best laid plans often go….Justin and Terry were great team leaders, so great that our teams grew and grew, and in the end I’m not sure just who ended up working with us. But, boy, did they WORK.

This was not dainty or delicate work. There are 12 gardens in the English Village. Ten of them got all their garden beds top dressed with well rotted manure. The manure was courtesy of our cows. Why did we skip 2 gardens?  We ran out! There was probably a ton of compost that was spread. As in 1,000 pounds. Did I mention that these people worked?

Three of our gardens got complete makeovers : garden beds rebuilt, old structures removes, new walkways created. Fuller, Hickes and Allerton gardens are looking great even without anything much growing in them now. As soon as I get tech savvy enough – or get someone else, which is more likely – I’ll get some garden images up, so you can see the changes through the season.

The week before Spring Clean Day there was still snow on the ground as I went down to the English Village to scope out some sort of workplan for the volunteers. I wasn’t sure then that much of anything could get done, so the great turnout, and the great weather and the willing and cheerful hauling of heavy loads was like Christmas morning.

And I got some great asparagus tips. No, not the eating kind, the asparagus isn’t anywhere near up yet, but how to keep the asparagus beetle away kind of tips from someone who grew asparagus for years.  The tip? Trim it back when the fronds get brown. Thwarts the beetles and keeps the whole bed more vigorous. We had left ours all winter. But we won’t next winter.

Because the day went so well, and because the work that was done was so impressive, and because gardens need more regular tending then one big Spring jumpstart, I’m able to announce the formation of a Colonial Gardens Club. The first meeting will be on Earth Day, April 22nd (it’s a Wednesday) from 9 to 11am. I hope to see some of there as we take one English garden from a ‘before’ to an ‘after’ picture. Look for more information posted here and on our website.  

And for the Q Team – QQQQQQQQQQ - 10-Q! 10-Q very much!

Kathleen Wall

Colonial Foodways Culinarian

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