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The Thomas Blossom Obama Connection

July 2nd, 2009 by admin

This is a short experiment to see if I can rank for the phrase “Thomas Blossom Obama”. It is not merely experimental, however, President Obama actually IS a descendant of Thomas Blossom who came to Plymouth Colony on a ship called Mayflower (yes, another one with that name) in 1629.

Blossom lived in Leiden, Holland and tried to come over on the Speedwell but was rebuffed as Speedwell proved unseaworthy. He was a deacon of the Plimoth church and died in the contagion of 1633. Thus is the Thomas Blossom Obama connection.


So here we are on the anniversary of our nation’s birth and this post is number 4 on Google’s first page. Happy Birthday America!

BTW that’s Paul Atchison as Peregrine White in the photo.


3 Responses to “The Thomas Blossom Obama Connection”

  1. Bill says:

    Good post as an interpreter in the 1627 English Village I have notice many visitors asking about Thomas Blossom. It is a lovely connection for myself to explain to our visitors about the “church” that hasn’t made it over to the New World with the first few supplies. Thanks Buddy!
    P.S. Even I didn’t know Obama had a Pilgrim connection.


  2. Shelley-Jo says:

    That No.4 Rating is due to you Buddy…

  3. KMWall says:

    Thomas Blossom is a great guy to talk about, too. He sends a letter to William Bradford in 1625, disparing that he should ever be out of Holland. Not eveyone got out in 1620!

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