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Wedding Announcement- Saturday, June 27th, 1627

June 12th, 2009 by admin

Before every wedding, in Pilgrim times, the Banns were read. This amounts to a notice that announced the wedding and called for examinations of the bride and groom’s character.

“I, William Braford, publish the Banns of marriage between Edward Bangs of New Plimoth and Lydia Hicks of New Plimoth. If any know cause or just impedement, why these two persons should not be joined in Matrimony, ye are to declare it.”

10:30 AM to 4:00 PM
Hailing from London, where he was a leather dresser, Robert Hickes arrived in Plimoth Colony in 1621, on the ship called Fortune. His wife and family, including daughter Lydia came in 1623 on the Anne. Four years later, Lydia found love in Plimoth Colony…

Today, Robert and Margaret Hickes request the honor of your presence at the wedding of their daughter Lydia Hickes to Edward Bangs. The mock-ceremony will be held in the English Village at 2:30 in the afternoon. However, visitors are invited to join the festivities all day long, from decorating the bridal chamber to merrymaking at the Bride-ale (wedding feast). Also, meet Native wedding guests, who have traveled to New Plimoth to show their support for the new couple.


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8 Responses to “Wedding Announcement- Saturday, June 27th, 1627”

  1. KMWall says:

    I’m making wedding cake, 17th century style. Hope you all will be able to come, there will be enough for all out guests, regardless of your century! It’s rather like the spice cake …smells real good in the oven, taste real good,too

  2. admin says:

    Uh, smells good doesn’t even begin to describe that which wafts out of Kathleen’s kitchen of recent late. Ambrosia approaches it. Really, come get some free cake, y’all.


  3. John Montague says:

    Kathleen and Buddy,
    Wishing you the best on the wedding reinactment. I may have to try making the spice cake just to mark the occasion here in “Ould Virginia”.

  4. KMWall says:

    If you use the Markham spice cake, take a piece of dough aside before you hurl the raisins in – maybe a piece of 12-16 ounces. After you add the fruit to the rest and shape it, take this little lump and roll it out, and place it on top of the loaf, tucking it in all around the edges. Voila – Banbury Cake – and no burnt raisins to pick off the top. KMW

  5. Tiger Hicks says:

    Lydia Hicks, this is my Greatest grandfathers daughter, Wish I could come. How is old Robert Doing thses days. Is his wife teaching? post more info please about the Hicks / heekes / hixe/ hix

  6. admin says:

    As you might imagine, Mr. Hicks is still dead.

  7. Jen Fitzpatrick says:

    Greetings from sunny Southern California!

    Totally sorry I missed the pilgrim wedding (particularly Kathleen’s cake) — had I known it was going to happen, I would’ve made plans with Bei to visit the village earlier in my vacation!

    The blog is looking good, Buddy — if you get a chance, definitely include some pics of the most recently renovated houses and the forge (I saw the forge when it was first built back in ’03 (or maybe it was ’04?) but I’m sure it looks different now with a bit of wear…

    P.S. – yes, I’m certain Mr. Hicks is QUITE dead.


  8. Tiger Hicks says:

    My mistake, after a little search of my records I did find his will – This time travel is killing me, What year is it there now anyway?
    +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Robert Hicks (Plymouth) ‘Deceased the 24th Mar., 1647.’ Inventory,
    July 5, by Wm.Paddy and Thomas Cushman. Amount 39L.13. Was formerly
    of Duxbury. His will, dated May 28, 1645. To his son Ephraim, his
    house at Plymouth, and land lately purchased of John Alden, and also
    land at Island Creek, on Duxbury side; his oldest son Samuel; his
    wife, Margaret, to have the use of three rooms in his house during her
    lifetime, and to be Executrix of the will: To his grandson John Bangs;
    To Rev. John Reyner’s son John; To John Watson; ‘To the younger of Mr.
    Charles Chauncey’s sonns, which his wife had at one birth, when hee
    dwelt at Plymouth;’ To Plymouth town, a ‘cow calfe;’ To Wm. Pontus,
    Phineas Pratt, John Faunce, Nathl. Morton, Thomas Cushman, 20. each;
    To Joshua Prat and Samuell Eddy, a suit of clothes. John Howland,
    Manasseh Kempton, and Thomas Cushman, Overseers. Witness, Nthal.

    Yours in time, Tiger Hicks

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