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“I’m from the future…”

May 21st, 2009 by admin

One of the oddest things that visitors say to us, but appropriate here in that I want to mention a couple of things we have been discussing for future possibilities.

Our Director of Education (etc.) and I went to a conference sponsored by the New England Museum Association on using Web 2.0 properties (like this blog) to enhance and expand our web presence. To that end we are looking into expanding our use of our extant FaceBook page for greater interactivity. More on this to come.

Thanks to Kathleen Wall for ongoing contributions to this blog, they are always appreciated. She and I have had several discussions about how we could bring the “foodie” (and gardening as she has done below) niche to a greater awareness of what we do here at Plimoth Plantation. Foodies are a great (and, I suspect, luctrative) demographic that we need to explore.

So, for you foodies out there, here is a neat resource (read:enjoyable time waster, if you are anything like me): The EGullet Society’s online forum


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2 Responses to ““I’m from the future…””

  1. lev olson says:

    buddy, i got a couple of decent (not great…) photos of the muster. some good ones of peregrine…. how should i get them to you (if you even want them…)

  2. Buddy says:

    Send them to, thanks.


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