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Where Do Pilgrims Eat?

January 26th, 2009 by admin

Alright, I wrote that title for the search engines so we get on Google’s first page for “pilgrims”. But a question that we often really do get at the museum is “where is a good place to eat in Plymouth”? I’m going to mention a couple of my favorites and I hope some of colleagues will add some of theirs. If I don’t mention a particular restaurant it’s because:

  1. I haven’t gotten around to writing about it yet
  2. I haven’t been there, or
  3. I don’t like the joint

I’m not going have anything negative about any local business so you’ll only see positive comments here. That said, my wife and I went out for our 16th wedding anniversary (we got married in Reno, NV) the other night at one of our perennial favorites, Tuscany Tavern, in North Plymouth. A former sandwich shop, this place never fails to delight us with both their food and atmosphere. It only seats about 25 people so it can be boisterous, but this is part of its charm.

As you might guess from its name, Tuscany Tavern is an Italian restaurant. Everything is cooked to order in the busy open kitchen. That night my wife and I did something we almost never do- order the same dish. We always like to try a couple of entrees and invariably I always end up wishing I ordered what she did. This time however, we split a Caeser salad (mmm, anchovies) and each got the Scampi with linguini.

Cooked perfectly, the meal was just enough that I did not feel over-stuffed when we left. My only issue is that the chef continues in a contemporary culinary pet peeve of mine…leaving the tail end of the shell on. This is fine for shrimp cocktail but I just don’t like dipping my fingers in sauce. Whiny, I know, but hey, I’m writing this post.

Of course, it being a special occasion we had to split a chocolate mousse cake, alas no Port to go with it. That’s alright, the Chardonnay we had with the meal was sufficient.

To say the cost of the meal was reasonable is to understate the fact. All in all, every single time we go to Tuscany Tavern it is a memorable affair.

Next up: The Blue Eyed Crab


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3 Responses to “Where Do Pilgrims Eat?”

  1. KMW says:

    I, too, have had great food at Tuscany Tavern. Because I am Italian I almost never go to Italian restaurants (why go pay for food I can make better at home) and I might not have gone at all had someone not taken me there. It would have been my loss. Maybe because the food really is more northern Italian, it’s different enough from what I do at home that I’m not comparing it to my own kitchen.
    I’m sorry to hear about the shrimp shells – I know exactly what you mean. Am I just imagining it or was there a time when you didn’t get shell in a dish?

  2. Donald says:

    I am glad you enjoyed my blog titled “Thanksgiving Day at Plimoth Plantation”. I had a genuinely great time there during both of my visits in 2008. The people who work at Plimoth Plantation provide a service to visitors by bringing history alive, and I am grateful.

    I’ll have to try Tuscany Tavern next time my wife and I dine out. We’re always up for something new (to us). Thanks for the idea.

  3. lev olson says:

    you never continued with this series… as a plymouth cafe owner, i was interested (not only to see what you think of my place, but i never eat out here and was interested in what was around… if i ever have to)

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