December, 2010

The Winter Season

December 6th, 2010 by admin

Hello, all. As some of you might know, Plimoth Plantation is now closed for the season, to be reopened on March 20th, 2011. The Pilgrim Village is empty and quiet, its buildings shuttered against the weather, animals and even human intruders. Although its inhabitants are away for the season, work at the site goes on. The new Brewster house is still being constructed at the crossroads. The houses of John Howland and Isaac Allerton have been emptied of furniture and will be thoroughly cleaned and repaired in anticipation of future residents. New soil will be spread in the goat and sheep pens so that the animals can make their triumphal return.

And what of the Pilgrims? Well, some of us have found employment for the winter in the Education Department, traveling to various schools in New England and beyond so that children may interact with a costumed settler in the comfort and convenience of their very own classrooms. Some of us have taken jobs with the Artisan department down in the village, working to prepare the site for the next tourist season. Some are reviewing and revising dossiers and source materials so that next year’s training may be conducted efficiently and without conscious errors.

Many of us take work away from the Plantation to support ourselves through the winter, and many of those will return come March, itching to don the brimmed hats and leather shoes once again. Some of us, unfortunately, will not be coming back, constrained by the demands of school or family or the natural pull of life’s subtle tides. And while we will miss them, we look forward to seeing them once again, in costume or not.

This blog will continue through the winter, and although I won’t have as much to say about the day-to-day activities of the village I hope that we can have some interesting conversations on the seventeenth century world. Until next time.

Aaron Dougherty

Interpretation Apprentice

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