November, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving To All!

November 26th, 2009 by admin


While our characters do not celebrate this fairly modern holiday, as Administrator of this blog, I would like to wish everyone in our museum, and especially all of you readers of these reportings, a very happy Thanksgiving! I am wishing for all of you the blessing of having many things to be thankful for.


It’s Not all Thanksgiving or Recipes for Pilgrims

November 24th, 2009 by admin

We haven’t been blogging (and by ‘we’ I mean those of us in costume), but we’ve been busy. Lots of people coming by to see us; lots of schoolchildren, too. That sounds like schoolchildren aren’t people, which isn’t what I mean, although there IS something fluky about critical mass and energy and the presence of chickens, no doubt a very interesting behavioral study waiting to happen.
And the press – have you seen us in the Globe? ( They covered us (and by us, I mean ME, along with some others) on November 13th, National Indian Pudding Day. You did celebrate National Indian Pudding Day, didn’t you? Here’s what I hope will be a link to the How2Heroes website, which is featuring a video on Indian Pudding starring – ME!
And then there was the Cape Cod Times …and the Boston Herald and the AP article and the radio station in San Fransisco, and the one in Vermont, and the one in Louisiana, and the one in…it’s not just the food, it’s the ways.
Such is the life in of a Colonial Foodways Culinarian in November in Plymouth.
You still have time for a quick visit –
Colonial Foodways Culinarian

Come to Plimoth Plantation this Veteran’s Day!

November 9th, 2009 by admin

Do you have plans this Veteran’s Day? All Veteran’s and Active Duty Personnel visit for FREE on Veteran’s Day! Plimoth Plantation has great events and activities scheduled throughout the day, including militia practice in the English Village! Come on down this Wednesday!

Please come, we’d love to hear your stories and hope you want to hear ours. While I am normally on the road as a Museum Teacher for the Education Department this time of year, I WILL be in the village this Vet’s Day as Capt. Myles Standish. I think he would be proud for me to doff my hat and give a comradely bow to you for your service.

Thank you very much Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Coasties!


One of Those Days

November 6th, 2009 by admin

Saturday was one of those days. No, not one of THOSE days. One of those days that makes wet wool, sweaty pilgrim garb, not-for-profit pay scales, early mornings shoveling manure, late nights reading incomprehensible 17th century texts, freezing cold, blazing heat, and those excruciating pilgrim shoes- one of those days that makes it all worthwhile.
We had a boy coming in from hospice who also had some mobility issues. So, we brought many of our animals up to the fort area so he could meet them. This isn’t something we could do everyday, but we knew about the visit in advance, they had a special guided tour planned, and they were not coming at one of our busiest times.
So, our three lambs born in June were herded up to the fort. “Poppers,” last year’s newborn kid goat, was carried up by Shelley. And, I was able to take Damson and her new calf on his longest walk ever, so far, all the way up to the fort.
The young man and his family were able to meet them all which was quite delightful enough. His bravery and excitement were palpable, and it really was an honor to be part of brightening his day. But then it just got better.
Another visitor came in leading her blind son. His jaw dropped when I had him touch the cow, as he realized the enormity of the animal under his fingers. Then, Shelley handed him Poppers to hold; his fingers found her horns, and he beamed. Later, before we brought the animals back, a paraplegic woman from Ireland came into the fort area, and she was able to touch a cow for the first time as well. Not to mention the tour group of children from Holland and all of the other visitors coming through the fort that afternoon.
Our animal interpreters are here to delight and inform all of our visitors- young, old, city folk, farm families, everyone. But, I have to confess a special satisfaction whenever I get the chance to help folks who might have more difficulty interacting with a farm animal to get that amazing experience. It reminds me that our job here is really, dare I say it?, a labor of love.

-Jonny Larason, Agricultural Exhibits

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