August, 2009

Court Was In Session…

August 21st, 2009 by admin

…yesterday and it was a great time! Mr. Bradford, Mr. Winslow, Mr, Hopkins and Capt. Standish discussed the recent visit by the Dutchman Jan Jacobson and his ship the Drie Konigen. Herr Jacobson brought letters from Herr Isaac DeRassier from the (in Capt Standish’s mind) illegally planted colony of Fort Amstelredam.

Other matters were considered and then a sudden turn of events occurred. A delicate matter was brought before the court regarding one Mr. John Fells who (it was heard whispered) was keeping his maid servant in an unseemly manner. Mr. Fells, a guest in New Plimoth, stood upon his own justification, and the matter was shelved…for the time being.

Huge Kudos to everyone who participated in this dynamic event. You are too many to mention but you all know you are.

If you, dear reader, do NOT know who they are, you need to come visit with us sometime.Red_Stockings

Thanks also to our new friends John and Jenny from Henricus Historical Park. for coming for a visit. Take a look at their website when you get a chance.


The picture? Go Red Sox!

The Answer Is YES!…

August 17th, 2009 by admin

We ARE hot is these pilgrim clothes! You all are hot and you’re only wearing shorts a t-shirts. But what about our characters? How do they feel about all that wool and linen on these sweltering New England afternoons? Well, I can’t say for certain, of course, but I have to imagine that they were just as uncomfortable as we are.

But…they were terribly concerned for their health. The prevailing medical theory of the day was the Doctrine of Humours whereby “health was seen as the proper balance of the four internal humours, blood, phlegm, yellow bile, and black bile. While a balanced state brought wellness, imbalance resulted in ill health and disease. Either harmful or helpful, the environment was a powerful agent in this dynamic physical process, such things as weather, water, air, or astrological movements affecting the equilibrium of both individuals and nations. Thus cold was not just unpleasant, but the potential cause of minor and severe ailments.”*

It is as though they might have thought that any skin exposed to the elements had the potential of allow sickness into the body. We have evidence of people fearing that they were not wearing enough even if a man did not wear a doublet over his cassock or suit.

What we will offer the visitor concerned about our comfort is the admonition that “I would not dress as you for the sun is not good for you.” And they can understand the worry of skin cancer even if our seventeenth century counterparts cannot.

So, please understand, when you see those rivulets of “liquid sunshine” pouring down our faces under those hats or coifs…we ARE hot in those clothes. But to dress otherwise would do a disservice to the actual people we represent. In a sense, we do it for YOU.

*”from “Dressing the Elite: Clothes in Early Modern England” by Susan Vincent. Thanks to our costumer extraordinaire, Denise Lupica, for this.


Seven Thousand Eight Hundred Happy People

August 9th, 2009 by admin


Thank you to Highland Street Foundation, a Framingham based charity who underwrote admission for almost 8000 people last Friday. It was an amazing event where people who may never have been able to afford to come to Plimoth Plantation came for free. It shattered all records for our museum and I think it is safe to say that a good time was had by all. Currency Options Trading

Thanks in particular to the front line staff in the Visitor’s Center and Craft Center and especially to my colleagues in the 1627 Pilgrim Village, the Wampanoag Homesite, and Mayflower 2.

And yes, that’s me on the front page of the Old Colony Memorial, our home town paper. I look like Teddy Roosevelt. The picture’s here if you just must see it:

To everyone who attended this momentous day…please come back.


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