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Smored chickin

July 14th, 2012 by KM Wall

De Hoenderhof - Jan Steen - 1660

To smoore a Chichin.

Cut it in small pieces, and frye it with sweet Batter: take Sacke, or white Wine, Parsley, an Onyon chopt small, a piece of whole Mace, and a little grosse Pepper: put in a little Sugar, Vergis, and Butter. Then take a good handful of Clary, and picke off the stalkes, then make a fine batter with the yolkes of two or three new layd Egges, and fine flowre, two or three spoonfuls of sweet Creame, and a little Nutmeg, and so frye it in a Frying-panne, with sweet Butter: serve in your Chickins with the fryed Clary on them. Garnish your dish with Barberyes.

-                     1615, John Murrell. A New Booke of Cookerie. p.30.


This dish will also be on the wedding table….marriage at 2 today – feasting to follow……

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