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To bake Venison to eat colde

August 28th, 2013 by KM Wall

If  you’ve got more then one deer  …

waittaminute – If you’ve got EVEN one deer, it’s probably more deer then you can eat all at once. Bake some to eat hot, and while you’re eating that, bake some more to save for later and eat cold.

Venison pie recipes are divided between the hot and the cold, the roe deer and the fallow deer.

All of these recipes come from the 1591  A.W. A Book of Cookrye, p. 21.


To bake Venison to eat colde.

Take Venison and cut it as the graine goeth, and cut it in quantity as ye wil have your Pasties, and perboile it in faire water, then take Lard and cut it in length of your flesh, and therwith lard it as thicke as you can, so that one peece of the Larde touch not an other.  Then take all manner of spices, salt, and Vinagre, that doon, put it into brown paste and bake it.

Robert May  - red deer

Robert May – red deer pie

To bake Venison of red Deere.

Laye it in water, and then wash it very clean out of the water, if it be clean draw it with Larde, then take meale and sift it, and take faire licour and let it boile, & make your paste with that, then take Beefe suet, mince it and beate it, drive out your paste very thick, close it and let it bake six houres when it is half baked, take Cloves & mace and Vinagre, and so boile them togither, put them into your redde Deere, at a little hole made for that purpose.  And when you have so doon, stop the hole with some of the same dough, and then set it in againe untill it be inough.

Another way to refer to red deer is by the name roe deer. The boys are therefore Roebucks.

Roe buck fro Topsell's History of Four-footed Beasts

Roe buck from Topsell’s History of Four-footed Beasts



To bake Venison of Fallow Deere.

Lay it in water and wash it very clean, then perboile it, if it be of the side, raise the skin of it: if it be of the haunch, presse it: season it with pepper and salt, take good store of Dre Suet, and mince it very fine, when you have minced it, beat it, then take Flower, butter and Egges and make your paste stiffe, then drive it out, and then put in your suet and Venison and close it, then take the yolk of an egge and a little beere, and wet it over, and let it bake foure houres, and then serve it in.

Dre suet is a best guess….Dry suet makes little sense – ‘your’ suet isn’t really better – the point is – add some fat! A good store! and mince it fine, very fine, very fine indeed!

Fallow deer - buck

Fallow deer – buck

Fallow Deer fro Topsells

Fallow Deer from Topsell



Pancake Tuesday!

February 21st, 2012 by KM Wall

The best pancake.
To make the best pancake, take two or three eggs, and break them into a dish, and beat them well; then add a pretty quantity of fair running water, and beat all well together; then put in cloves, mace, cinnamon. and nutmeg, and season it with salt; which done, make it as thick as you think good with fine wheat flour; then fry the cakes as thin as may be with sweet butter, or sweet seam, and make them brown, and so serve them up with sugar strewed upon them. There be some which mix pancakes with new milk or cream, but that makes them tough, cloying, and not crisp, pleasant and savoury as running water.

- Gervase Markham, The English Housewife. (Best edition). p. 68-9.


A wheat flour pancake, ready to eat!


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