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Sausages – the best that were ever eat

November 8th, 2012 by KM Wall

Still Life with Sausages

To make the best Sausages that ever were eat.
Take a Leg of young Pork, and cut off all the lean, and shred it very small, but leave none of the strings or skins amongst it, then take two pound of Beef-sewet, and shred it small, then take two handfulls of red Sage, a little Pepper and Salt, and Nutmeg, and a small piece of Onyon, chop them altogether with the flesh and sewet; if it is small enough, put the yolk of two or three Eggs, and mix altogether, and make it up in a paste if you will use it, rowl out as many pieces as you please in the form of an ordinary Sausage, and so fry them; this paste will keep a fortnight upon occasion.
-1671. The Compleat Cook. E. Tyler and R. Holt for Nath. Brooke: at the Angel in Corne-Hill, near the Royal Exchange: London . reprinted in The Compleat Cook and Queens Delight by W. M. Prospect Books: London. 1984 p.15.

Still Life with Susage

To compound an excellent sallat

April 17th, 2012 by KM Wall

To compound an excellent sallat, and which indeed is usual at great feasts, and upon princes’ tables: take good quantity of blanched almonds, and with your shredding knife cut them grossly; then take as many raisins of the sun, clean washed and the stones picked out, as many figs shred like the almonds, as many capers, twice so many olives, and as many currants as all the rest, clean washed, a good handful of the small tender leaves of red sage and spinach; mix all these well together with good store of sugar, and lay them in the bottom of a great dish; then put unto them vinegar and oil, and scrape more sugar over all; then take oranges and lemons, paring away the outward peels, cut them into thin slices, then with those slices cover the sallet all over; then over those red leaves lay another course of old olives, and the slices of well pickled cucumbers. Together with the very inward heart of your cabbage lettuce cut into slices; then adorn the sides of the dish with more slices of lemons and oranges, and so serve it up.

Gervase Markham. Country Contentments or the English Huswife. 1615.


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