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Eat Like A Pilgrim: Good Manners

April 17th, 2012 by KM Wall


The rhyme and the translation

As the proverb goeth, Measure is Treasure.

“For rudnes is thy pottage to sup,
Or speake to any, his head in his cup.
(Look up and swallow before speaking.)

Thy knife be sharpe to cut fayre thy meate:
Thy mouth not be full when thou dost eat.
(Don’t hack away at your food and swallow
one mouthful before taking another.)

Pyke not thy teethe at the table syttnge,
Nor use at thy meate Overmuche spytynge;
(Save the teeth picking for later, away from the table, and as for spitting – moderation.)

this rudeness of youth is to be abhorred;
thy self mannerly Behave at the borde.


From Schoole of Vertue and Booke of Goode Nourture for Children by
Francis Seager, 1557.



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