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What do you eat?

June 12th, 2012 by Carolyn

Sorry we’ve been away for a while, things have been very busy in the foodways kitchen as of late, but I guess now that Downton Abbey and Mad Men are on sabbatical, I have some extra time.











I miss them so much already……




It seems that everyone who comes to Plimoth Plantation is very concerned about what the¬†pilgrims actually ate, and once they hear things like corn, pork ribs, turkey, hen, pies, puddings etc. etc. they seem to be relieved….. That is unless you use the word flesh to refer to animal meat, as you do as a role player, then some poor souls think you eat people, and very hurriedly scurry out of the village,¬†(the pilgrims did not eat people that happened in Jamestown).


Now that it’s summer they main flesh of the pilgrims would have been fish, and this year we have received numerous donations to the colonial foodways department of………





These things are the greatest, kids love them, they are a great second role-player in your house. Everyone is baffled by them, even though lots of people still eat them today, our chicken finger and french fry crowd are usually horrified. Which means they will so remember this moment and all you teach them in it, which is what and why we’re here.


And now I leave you with a little song….



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  1. Rick says:

    In Jamestown they ate Phish heads!

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