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Blauncht Maunchet

September 8th, 2013 by KM Wall

isn’t just any manchet. And  To make blancht Manchet in a Frying-pan sounds like an Indie mumble-core film that should be playing at Plimoth Cinema.

And Blancht Manchet could be a movie star…..

Vali Vali - she could have been Blaunchet Maunchet

Vali Vali – she could have been a Blauncht Maunchet


Manchet – or Maunchet  – is the very nice, white bread of early modern England. This is back when white bread was very nice – and uncommon. The bread would have been very nice.

To make a blauncht Maunchet in a Frying-pan.

Take a halfe a dozen Egs, halfe a pint of sweet Creame, a penny manchet grated, a Nutmeg grated, two spoonefuls of Rosewater, two ounces of Sugar: worke all stiff like a Pudding: then fry it like a Tansey in a very litle  frying Pan, that it might be thicke: fry it browne, and turne it out upon a plate. Cut it in quarters, and serve it like a Pudding: scrape on Sugar.

1615. John Murrell. A New Booke of Cookerie. Falconwood Press: 1989. p. 16.


  • a penny manchet could be somewhere between 4 ounces and a pound. I’m thinking this particular one would have been closer to a pound, with the liquid of 6 eggs and 8 ounces of cream and some rosewater.
  • It’s interesting to me that the first sugar ref is for 2 ounces, and the second ref has you scraping it (off of a sugar loaf )
  • work it stiff like a pudding is a great pudding detail – and if this isn’t a pudding, what is this????????
  • The pudding that you make in a frying pan is from this same cookbook
  • a Tansey is a dish of eggs…have we done tansies? – anyhow, fried quickly in a pan with butter and flipped over to brown on both sides – and how come they aren’t compared to pancakes?
  • A litle frying pan – you want this thicker, not thinner
  • Again with the pudding comparison – serve it like a pudding, fine – how does one serve puddings?
17th century frying-pan from the Museum of London

17th century frying-pan from the Museum of London

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  1. Malka says:

    I volunteer to try this recipe!

  2. Malka says:

    This recipe has my full and 100% approval! I can only imagine how amazing it would be with rose water!

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