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Curd Fritters

May 26th, 2013 by KM Wall

No running down to the corner store for a quart of milk in 1627 Plimoth (or most other places in the world, then).  If you want milk, first you must milk the cow.Use the milk to make curds and then make some curd fritters. There is one red cow in  Plimoth Colony, according to the Division of Cattle of 22 May 1627.


Woman milking a cow - Pirosmani - not 17th century

Woman milking a cow – Pirosmani – not 17th century, but a clear view of the milking action


Millet - Woman Milking a cow (another red one)

Millet – Woman Milking a cow (another red one, also not 17th century)

Karel Dujardin - Woman milking a Red Cow - French and 17th century

Karel Dujardin – Woman milking a Red Cow – French and 17th century- nice goats, too



To make Curde Frittors 

Take the yolks of ten Egs, and breake them in a pan, & put to them one handful Curds and one handful of fine flower, and straine them all together, and make a batter, and if it be not thicke ynough, put more Curdes in it, and salt to it.  Then set it on the fyre in a frying pan, with such stuffe as ye will frie them with, and when it is hot, with a ladle take part of your batter, and put of it into the panne, and let it run as smal as you can, and stir then with a sticke, and turne them with a scummer, & when they be fair and yellow fryed, take them out, and cast Sugar upon them, and serve them foorth.

-1594.The Good Huswifes Handmaide for the Kitchin.pp.47-8.

To make Curd-Cakes.

Take a pint of Curds, four Eggs, take out two of the whites, put in some Sugar, a little Nutmeg, and a little flour, stir them well together, and drop them in and fry them with a little Butter.

                   -1653. W.I. A True gentlewomans delight.(Falconwood Press: 1991) p. 8.

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2 Responses to “Curd Fritters”

  1. carolina says:

    Mmmmmm, love curd fritters! I’ve made them many times when cooking at the hearth. Yum! and HUZZAH!

  2. KMWall says:

    Curd fritter are great in any century! Just last month, ‘ricotta pancakes’ were features in one of the big food magazines…..Great tastes persists!

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