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Sauce madam (one version)

March 15th, 2012 by KM Wall

Sawce madame. Take sawge, persoly, ysope, saveray, Onyons gode, peres, garlek, I say, And grapes. go fille þy gose þenne And sew þy hole, no grece oute renne. Lay hur to fyre and rost hyr browne, And kepe þo grece þat falles doune. Take galingale and þo grece þat renne, Do hit in posnet, as I þe kenne. Whenne þo gose is rostyd, take hir away, Smyte hir in pesys, I þe pray. Þat is within, þou schalle take oute, Kest in þy posnet with outene doute. 3if hit is thyke do þerto wyne, And powder of galingale þat is fyne, And powder dowce and salt also. Boyle alle togeder er þou fyr go, In a dysshe þy gose þou close Þe sawce abofe, as I suppose.

-  Source [Liber cure cocorum, T. Gloning (ed.)]
Sauce Madame
Take sage, parsley, hyssop, savory, onions good, pears, garlic, I say, And grapes. Go fill thy goose then And sew thy hole, no grease out run. Lay her to fire and roast her brown, And keep her grease that falls down. Take galingale, and thou grease that ran, Do it in a posnet, as I thee ken. When thou goose is roasted, take her away, Smite her in pieces, I thee pray. That is within, thou shall take out. Cast in thy posnet with outene doute , if it is thick do thereto wine, And powder of galingale that is fine, And powder douce and salt also. Boil all together ere thou fire go, In a dish thy goose thou close the sauce above, as I suppose.

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3 Responses to “Sauce madam (one version)”

  1. carolina says:

    What, no pictures?! LOL

  2. KM Wall says:

    Last winter Nigella Lawson had a Christmas Goose recipe that was very similar, with pears and all. The more things change, the more they stay the same!

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