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Pottage without herbs

February 22nd, 2013 by KM Wall







Gerard Dou - Woman eating Porridge - 1637

Pottage without herbs.

Others desire to have pottage without any herbs at all, and then you must only take oatmeal beaten, and good store of onions, and put them in, and boil them together; and thus doing you must take a greater quantity of oatmeal then before.

- Markham, Gervase. The English Housewife. Michael Best, ed. McGill-Queens University Press: Montreal. 1986. pp. 74-6.


Oats and onions? What could be simpler…..rolled oats simply will not do, though. Whole oat groats (whole food store or horse trough. Just joking about the horse chow…..but those are what real oats look like)

Onions in traces - Allerton house, August 2012


assorted sizes of oat groats

whole oat groats with husks

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  1. Paul Courchaine says:

    I believe it was Karen Hess who made the connection of corn groats to grits

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