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1621 Harvest on The Chew

November 20th, 2012 by KM Wall

I’m beginning to think that you’ll need to string together ALL the photo and film shoots that we do to really get an idea of the Harvest Celebration of 1621. A few minutes of one or two tables……

Here’s a segment on The Chew

This menu included:

Roasted Goose with sauce:

Sauce for green geese.

The best sauce for green geese is the juice of sorrel and sugar, mixed together with a few scaled feaberries, and served upon sippets; or else the belly of the green goose filled with feaberries, and so roasted, and then mixed with verjuice, butter, sugar, and cinnamon, and so served upon sippets.

-1631. Gervase Markham. The English Housewife. Best ed. p. 90-1.

Bread of Indian Corn -NOT Cheat bread! – and thank you Carolyn for the goose and the bread.

and thanks to Chef Roy and the Sedexo team for preparing some of the items off the Harvest Dinner menu for this shoot:

Stewed Pompion

Pottage of cabbage

Roasted turkey (it’s been carved, but it’s there – onion sauce implied)

We really ate the food!

Sorrel leaf - closeup

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2 Responses to “1621 Harvest on The Chew”

  1. Vickie says:

    I vowed never to watch The Chew — it took over the east coast time slot of my soap “All My Children” which I had watched since its beginning. Now I am re-thinking my “vow” because of another opportunity to see wonderful Plimoth cooking things. Maybe watching on the internet isn’t really watching it “on TV” so there is no time slot replacement issue and no vow-breaking!

    Blessed Thanks Giving for Pilgrim Seasonings and its authors.

    • KM Wall says:

      The loss of one thing and the appearance of another are not as always cause and effect as they might appear. When I heard “The Chew” (and I always want to say Gesundheit) my second thought was Clint….Jamika was just lovely – they didn’t show the parts where she showed some serious cooking chops, even in period dress in front of a fire. And she really liked that goose!

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