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September 22nd, 2013 by Sally

Well, they did it again! 

Jane Cook and Experience Mitchell were wed, Saturday September 21st, 2013…ermm…I mean 1627…

 in the laudable custom of the Dutch

Jane and Experience were married by Master William Bradford  in a civil ceremony which took place on the partially built Cook House lot. The Happy Couple were supported by the bride’s family, and many good friends and neighbours.

in this case, too many Cooks did NOT spoil the broth

We wish Goodman and Goodwife Mitchell many happy years together as husband and wife. May they be fruitful and multiply! *SPOILER ALERT!* The Bush family of presidential fame are descendants of The Mitchells.

it must be love

That just leaves us to say a huge thank you to everyone involved – a lot of work goes in to these events and the behind-the-scenes folks are the ones who really make it happen. Thanks of course to Erica Morris and Don Heminitz for being brilliant sports and making quite convincing fake newlyweds! And thanks to the fake bride’s real sister, Amanda Morris for these fantastic photos.

It seems that weddings, be they real or fake, involve a lot of people and require a lot of thanks!


We can’t wait to do it all again next year.


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4 Responses to “Congratulations!”

  1. Vickie Fisher says:

    ‘Twas a wondrous day filled with fabulous food, delightful dancing, soothing and sintalating singing and merriment beyond measure. Seeing all the suits of finer clothes, yet enjoying the labors who brought in the grains while the frivolity was on-going in the Bradford garden gave extra reality to the daily lives of so many. Having the native join the second course tied together the two cultures that were habitating this area. Just to sit, watch and listen was a grand joy. It takes much more than a village to bring the 17th century to life for so many of us. On a personal note, I was transported almost 30 years past to the first wedding I observed in the colony of New Plimoth. Tradition is part of joy of visiting. All the hard work by staff to make it look real and almost effortless is greatly appreciated.

  2. Betty C says:

    Congratulations. As one of your many descendants, I have to say it’s about time!

    Seriously, I so enjoy reading your blog. Would love to be part of your living history if I didn’t live so darned far away.

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