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Shaina’s Shower

June 11th, 2008 by Jill Hall

Shaina’s showerCourtesy of Betty (who took them) and Penny (who scanned them) I’ve got some pictures of the party Penny organized for Shaina last week. shaina shower 4

Here’s Shaina being surprised. She was looking here and there, so this one’s a little blurry, but you can still see how pleased she is.

The next one is Penny and Shaina with their party hats on. In addition to taking the pictures, Betty, who is Penny’s mom, also put up all the decorations and generally set up the party.

shaina shower 2Next we have a group photo – from left that’s Kate, who wears two hats, one as an interpreter in the English Village and one as the interim intern coordinator for Plimoth. Our new intern and volunteer coordinator, Denise, just started a week or two ago so Kate is passing the reins and getting ready to begin graduate school in the Winterthur museum studies program later this summer. Next to her is Kelley, who has been working in the Colonial Wardrobe department since January. From January to March she was working full time with us, mending and hand finishing garments. Starting in March she went back to work as an interpreter in the English Village and aboard Mayflower II but continues working with us one day a week helping to get the clothes ready for our child volunteer program, which we’re expanding this summer (sorry, you have to be the child of a Plimoth employee). Next are Ruth and Meredith, long time volunteers with the Colonial Wardrobeshaina shower 3 department. They’re all admiring photos of Shaina’s wedding dress, a Victorian tour-de-force she is making herself (it’s almost done). No, can’t show you till after the wedding. You never know, Shaina’s fiance might check in.

One last picture. These two are having just too much fun.

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