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Working Away

January 20th, 2008 by Jill Hall

wendyWe started another session this morning. Here are a few pictures of the embroiderers.

strawberry flowerWendy’s embroidering today, doing the very first of the strawberry blossoms. They’re blue, for some reason, and the petals are tiny and fussy.

Catherine KHere ‘s a picture of Catherine K from Kansas. She’s the Catherine from the lace committee, and has been hugely helpful in developing the instructions for the lace sample kits.


Here’s a picture of Deb, also from Kansas. She and Catherine traveled together. Deb brought an awesome lace shawl for show & tell. I took some pictures, but I’m still working on uploading them. Some go and some don’t.

Overall, though, I’m liking this program. The answer to the categories question is that we won’t have categories anymore, but we’ll have something better. I can “tag” each entry with as many subjects as necessary. If you search the blog for, say, lace, or spangles, or stitches, then every blog entry with that tag will come up. It’s better, because I often talk about more than one thing per entry, and the old system allowed only one category per entry. But I have to go back and tag the old entries. I’m working on it. Thanks for your patience. Oh, and Go Pats.

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