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Emily and Lacey

June 3rd, 2008 by Jill Hall

Lacey signing away the rights to her image.Here, as promised, are our summer interns.

The first one is of Lacey signing away her photo rights. Actually, she’s giving me permission to post her photo on the blog. This fall she will be a junior at the University of Mary Washington in Fredricksburg, Virginia. The next picture shows Lacey working on her first project, hand sewing a coif. She’s stitching the casing for the drawstring.Lacey sews the casing on a coif.

Turns out Emily isn’t the girl she used to be. She added this awesome, and totally topic-appropriate, tattoo. She’s ironing some fabric for a lining for a sailor’s cassock she’s making. Emily will also be a junior this fall, at Bennington College, in Bennington, Vermont.

Emily’s not the same girl we knew.I’m delighted to welcome Emily back, and to have Lacey with us for the summer. Stay tuned for their projects and progress.

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