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The Nightcap and Horse Trading

March 4th, 2008 by Tricia

Tricia writes tonight:

nightcapTo answer the questions posed by Jill’s blog last night, here is the Glittering Nightcap. Remember back when I wrote about the development of Gilt Sylke Twist and mentioned “horse trading’? Well the Nightcap was part of that deal. To make sure that we could get the thread made, I offered to design a teaching piece and several kits/magazine projects that would use the thread so the volume of thread would be enough to get it off the ground. The Nightcap is the first of these projects. It used every one of the eight colors made (that is the seven for the jacket and a purple). It was taught three weeks ago at A Gathering of Embroiderers in Williamsburg. Thirty lucky and trusting ladies took the class and were able to get some gilt sylke twist. I say trusting because they all signed up for the class sight unseen as the project was finished only a few days ahead of time. Normally I don’t cut it so tight, but since the thread didn’t come until a month ahead, I had to embroider around the clock to get it done.tiger

The nightcap is about 50% sized and fits over a needlework tools etui pyramid made from silk. It was fun to see the gold thread added to the gilt sylke twist and see how they play off each other. I add a few extra fun pictures here of a ‘family member’ wearing the cap before the last side seam was finished. My two sons also wore it to model for mommy. These embroideries were originally stitched with these threads to ‘move’ and so it was fun to see how they looked when worn.

So if you hear a rumor that ‘someone’ has some GST, you know how. I was honoring my horse trading agreement!


Jill here. Not only did Tricia use all the colors of GST, she also twisted two colors of thread together to transition between green and yellow in some of the leaves. This project is just too beautiful.

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