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October 9th, 2008 by Jill Hall

In addition to the pin ball I showed you yesterday, Sharon also brought a pair of needlework accessories, a shoe and a pinwheel. The shoe’s sole isn’t completely attached to the upper; inside is a place to store needles. Sharon explained that the shoe was a “test project” taught to her sampler guild by the designer, who wanted a group to troubleshoot her instructions.

Jennifer was very excited to see Sharon’s shoe; Jennifer made and brought a similar shoe. The same designer had published a needle shoe project in a magazine and Jennifer made it. We of course took photos of the two shoes (Sharon’s on the left, Jennifer’s on the right) and the two shoemakers. (And I hope I got all those details right. Every session I promise I’ll take notes on the fascinating backstories of all the needleworked treasures, and every session things happen too fast for that!)

On the table in front of Sharon and Jennifer you can see Sharon’s pinwheel that matches her shoe, and Jennifer’s scissors case that matches hers. Also visible are Sharon’s Quaker motif sampler and Jennifer’s blue needlework accessories, plus a second pinball of Sharon’s (the sage-brown one). Riches.

Our Girl in the UK wrote a couple of times today. I wouldn’t have thought it possible to sound breathless in an email. The Laton jacket, through heaven only knows what conjunction of chance and chocolate gifts, was not on display. It was behind the scenes, unmounted, on a table in front of Tricia. She gazed, studied, photographed and worshiped it within an inch of her life, and as she says “almost cried.”

Then, of course, she also got to spend time with 1359-1900. I doubt her feet have returned to earth.

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2 Responses to “Shoes”

  1. Susan says:

    Beautiful embroideries! Lovely to see.

  2. Catherine K says:

    Sometimes, the universe just falls into place. Hopefully the V&A will allow her to share a few of the pics, it would be great to see. Sounds like she won’t need a plane to fly home :) .

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