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Women at Sea and Treasure Boxes

September 6th, 2008 by Jill Hall

Wendy sent this entry:

Of the many things that happen during a session one of the most interesting is the general conversation, exchange of ideas, favorite books, food, movies and music. To continue the exchange and sharing here are a couple of things:
At the last session I mentioned several books that deal with the women who accompanied their husbands to sea and the life that they and their children led. It’s an eye opener to contemplate: a ships kitchen in a boiling sea, all the forks and spoons going overboard, dentistry and childbirth to name but a few issues and all while wearing a skirt and petticoats.

So for those that asked here are a few titles to look for:
Sail Away Ladies by Jim Coogan pub 2003
Hen Frigates by Joan Druett pub 1998
Captain’s Daughter, Coasterman’s Wife by Joan Druett pub 1995
Petticoat Whalers by Joan Druett pub 2001
Captain Ahab Had Wife: New England Women and the Whalefishery, 1720-1870 by Lisa Norling pub 2000

Who among us doesn’t look for new ways to store and keep tidy our stash of stitching supplies?
The boxes or “Thread Chests” we are using to store needles, silk perl and the GST have gotten quite a bit of attention and many questions regarding where to get them. Tricia found them and used one for a project she created called “Pandora’s Sewing Box” published in Just Cross Stitch magazine. They are the perfect solution for this project as well.
The one we use is called ”Travis” and is available from Creative Imaginations – www.
Here is the stock number and description – #16333 Travis Case-3 Tray Inserts
Here is the direct link to the page –

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One Response to “Women at Sea and Treasure Boxes”

  1. Die says:

    First I have to say how stunning everything is looking.

    Second, I have read all the books mentioned and enjoyed them all Here’s another I heartily recommend:

    “She Was a Sister Sailor”: The Whaling Journals of Mary Brewster, 1845-1851 (The American Maritime Library ; V. 13) (Hardcover)
    by Mary Brewster (Author), Joan Druett (Author)


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