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Not So Much Seeing

July 17th, 2008 by Jill Hall

Another thing I’ve found, now that I’m working on the embroidery with something approaching regularity, is that once I get going, feeling the work is just as important as seeing it.

I was wondering if working in the Crafts Center would slow me down a little or a lot; most of the point of being there is to engage the museum’s visitors in conversation, after all. I thought looking up and down would cause me to lose my place and focus and impede progress. What I’ve found, though, is that people are quite happy to watch the work and don’t always need eye contact to keep the conversation going, for one thing. For another, feeling with the needle where the next stitch goes is really effective – both the detached buttonhole and trellis require you to loop the next row of stitches through the previous row. If you’re encountering resistance you likely haven’t got the right spot. I don’t mean to say I’m stitching without looking, only that looking up frequently doesn’t slow the work and is probably better for my eyes anyway.

Tonight, Tricia’s directions for the detached buttonhole needlelace. This is what she named the stitch for the completely detachable pieces, the pea pod covers and the butterfly over-wings. These three stitches (this one, trellis and detached buttonhole, links to which I posted earlier this week) are the most important right now. If you’re practicing, work on these.

See Robbin’s note in the comments about working trellis stitch up vs down; Tricia will send us a note too I’m sure and I’ll post that when we get it.

About the symposium conflicting with Rosh Hashanah, could someone let me know which parts of the weekend specifically conflict with observing the holiday? Linda left a comment about whether a person could attend the parts that don’t conflict, and in order to answer that or arrange things that way I’d need more information. Thanks. ETA: the symposium dates have been changed so as not to conflict with Rosh Hashanah. The New Dates are 24-27 September. jmh

Lace sample received from Linda K and embroidery sample from Nicole R. Thanks to both.

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2 Responses to “Not So Much Seeing”

  1. Colleen says:

    Rosh Hashanna in Sept ’09 extends from sundown on the 09/18/08 through sundown 09/20/08. The less observant often only celebrate on Friday night and Saturday.

    It’s a disheartening, because people often seem to have the attitude of “oh, well, avoiding the Jewish High Holidays is not convenient for us, so we’ll have our (insert really neat function) then, anyway.”. But, from my point of view, it’s kind of like having something really neat scheduled for Christmas day!

    As long as I’m here, complaining ;-) ….the “tags” off on the right of the screen are overlapped by the field to type in comments, making it very hard to tell if I’m typing accurately! I’m on a Mac, but it happens in both Firefox and Safari.

  2. Linda F says:

    Colleen, thanks for saying something I’ve been thinking about for a long time but never said out loud.

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