October 29th, 2007

Two Loaras

October 29th, 2007 by Jill Hall

How cool is this? TWO Loara Standish samplers. Both Kimberly from PA and Lyn from Ontario stitched a reproduction of the reversible Loara Standish sampler which is in the collection of Pilgrim Hall Museum in Plymouth, MA.

They each chose slightly different colors and slightly different sizes. Lyn’s is on the left, Kimberly’s on the right. Lyn’s is bigger, Kimberly’s is brighter.

Lyn’s is hemmed, not framed. The second picture shows it folded over itself so you can see the back and the front. Kimberly’s is framed but there’s no back on the frame so you can turn it over and see the beauty.

Lyn also brought photos of her pilgrimage to Duxbury, MA – just a few miles north of Plymouth – where Loara Standish is buried. It was quite an odyssey, and she ran into a number of people (including me) who didn’t know there WAS still a marked Standish homestead site in Duxbury.

It was fun to see the photos as well as the samplers.

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