October 25th, 2007


October 25th, 2007 by Jill Hall

I maybe didn’t mention last night that stumpwork (Rosemary’s dragonfly) is 3-dimensional embroidery. It got that ugly name by accident, because sometimes the raised parts are worked over little bits of wood – stumps. Better name is raised work. So those wings are free from the cloth. The berry type things are really round. I need to get some digital photography lessons so these details show up better.

Here are more pretty pictures.  

Abigail is relatively local, and she was able to come once before. This time she brought some of her beautiful handwork again, including the coif she made from the Plimoth Plantation pattern. Last time someone asked me for a better shot of the rose motif, and here it is. Abigail said, and I feel exactly the same way, that we’d like to re-do that coif (the pattern, in my case) with the benefit of the knowledge we’ve already gained from the jacket project. But we wouldn’t be here without having been there.

Abigail is trying on a gown, made for her by a friend in the SCA – the Society for Creative Anachronism.

One of the awesome, excellent parts of doing this jacket is that we’ve been able to get together different groups of people who might not ordinarily meet, people interested in embroidery in general, people who do historical reenactments, people who make lace but not embroidery, people who make embroidery but not lace, older people, younger people. It’s been really rewarding.

So go check out the SCA website. This session we had five embroiderers from the SCA, and since Laura the Extreme Costumer put a note on her blog, I think we’ll be having more, which is all to the good. Go say hi to her, too. I linked her website and her blog – two different places. She’s got a staggering amount of information, fascinating, useful, curious.

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