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So Dreadful a Judgment is the first of a series of historic dramas, or "museum theater" productions, created and performed by Plimoth Plantation. These interactive dramas give the audience a powerful personal encounter with history by allowing them to explore difficult and entertaining questions about the past with the characters!

Film Production Photos

August 13th, 2012 by James Finelli

This past week we completed the filming for Acts 1 and 2 of the film version of our play So Dreadful a Judgment. Here are some photos from the set.

Awashonks (Shani) and Benjamin Church (Brian)

Our director Wes giving Shani and Brian their motivation.

Cameras are rolling!

Benjamin Church (Brian) going to get some work done on his plantation.

Benjamin Church (Brian) and his wife Alice (Amanda)

Alice Church (Amanda) embracing her husband before he departs to meet Awashonks.

Benjamin Church (Brian) riding in a mishoon to his meeting with Awashonks.

Thank you to Marie Pelletier for taking these beautiful photos.

The filming of So Dreadful a Judgment has been funded in part by The Ida and William Rosenthal Foundation.

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2 Responses to “Film Production Photos”

  1. Kerri Helme says:

    Looks Great you guys! :)

  2. kim says:

    Beautiful pictures Marie! They tell a story.

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