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Winter Work

January 14th, 2014 by Plimoth Plantation
Winter Nor'Easter

Winter Nor’Easter

A big part of our work in the winter is dealing with the weather, whether the ship is on land at a shipyard or in the water in Plymouth Harbor.

Extra lines, fenders placed at touch points and an ever vigilant security staff help keep the ship safe.

Snow drifts in any opening on the ship.

Whose ship this is I think I know…


As happens to many of us who spend time outdoors doing stuff, the wind will find the slightest opening in which to drive snow. Mayflower II’s lower deck is not air tight and thus the lovely tableau of a winter scene.



While the wind howls we hunker indoors

While the wind howls we hunker indoors

Two stalwart volunteers, Rick Ryan and Allen Zubatkin (it means either balleen or teeth in Russian) working on the spars. Because the ship was away so long this year, the rig was not up for very long. It has not weathered badly so prep to re-rig is a little easier this winter.








Perched on the mizzen cross trees

Perched on the mizzen cross trees

Another positive development this winter is the hiring of our the third member of the marine staff. Susannah Clark, a native of Maine, licensed captain, professional sail maker and veteran of a circumnavigation of the globe aboard the Picton Castle (a square rigged ship sailing out of Lunenberg, Nova Scotia) should have some relevant skills to bring to our department.

I am thrilled she is working with us and was just as thrilled she was at the mast head while I stood on deck supervising.

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  1. George says:

    The photo of the rebuilt beakhead brings about a question…when might a new port-side cathead be built and installed? It seems it has been missing quite awhile but I just noticed it. GC

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